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America's Oldest and Largest Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Ski and Snowboard Program!
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Sky Tavern

The Sky Tavern Ski Area is owned by the City of Reno and operated by Sky Tavern, a 501c3 nonprofit. Sky Tavern produces all the programing and maintains the area and lodge year-round with no financial support from the City. It is by the community, for the community.

Sky Tavern since 1948


How Sky Tavern Works

For over 70 years the community has made it happen through their efforts. It is a CO-OP staffed by you! All the adults contribute a few hours a weekend as the staff of a ski area for kids. Kids learn to ski and ride, adults have fun too!

Open only on the weekends, the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program is a planned 8 week learn-to-ski/ride program that starts in January each year. The objective of the program is to provide a safe and fun environment that fosters family participation and a lifelong love of recreational winter sports at an extremely reasonable price. Children receive a 2 hour lessons from our PSIA/AASI trained snowsports school every weekend in the morning and have the rest of the day to free ski or ride.

There are a few ways for a child to join the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program. All children under the age of 9 must join with a participating adult. Children 9 years and older may join with a participating adult or as a bus student. The joining adult need not be the parent and there are adults that bring up the entire neighborhood! The adult just has to be a member and be responsible in case of an emergency. There is some paperwork to this, but it is done all the time.

Kids don?t go outside and play and are quitting sport at younger ages. Sky Tavern counters that. The Sierra Mountains are a huge playground and Sky Tavern was created so kids do not miss out on some of the best skiing in the world. We want kids to play but learn to do it right. Lessons are every Saturday and Sunday morning, are mandatory for kids and happen for all winter. There are no one day lessons since everyone joins for the season. Come both days and that is 16 lessons most seasons. Skiing is not something that can be self-taught. Sky Tavern is very good at getting kids on snow for life. Ask around town.

Yes, adult members are the Staff. Yes, all adults have to help. Yes it is great FUN!
Since Sky Tavern is an all-member run ski area, parental and other adult involvement is a necessity and the key to our success. Participating member adults join the nonprofit and pay a registration fee if they are skiing/ boarding or not, less if not. Skiing or boarding adults can take lessons from our Snowsports School each afternoon if they like, or simply free ski with their family. Since Sky Tavern has no staff, all adults work a two hour shift each weekend day in the job of their choice. Some jobs are helping with the kitchen, parking, checking lift lines, cleaning the lodge, checking in kids etc. None are hard and all are fun. Sky Tavern really is a throwback to the days of co-ops, but it is how a season costs less than one day at a major resort. All of time and energy the parents put into the program, the children receive the benefits of. It is something we adults can do for all the kids of the Truckee Meadows, and they notice that and maybe learn that helping out is a good thing. Sky Tavern belongs to us all and we take care of it, programs, lodge, grounds everything.

Instructors Rock!
The most important job a member adult can do for all the kids is become an instructor. Sky Tavern is first and foremost a teaching facility and without instructors there is no program. We need parents that are willing to teach skiing and snowboarding at all levels. Our PSIA/AASI certified instructors teach you to teach the kids. They are parents that started out just like you, with little or no instructing experience and found they loved sharing the sport. They then went on to become great teachers and were certified through Sky Tavern's in-house process. We can teach any parent to instruct! That is how they got their start; it can be yours. Give it a try, please! Instructor clinics are held during the preseason at Sky Tavern and at other resorts to get parents up to speed as instructors. You will have all the tools you need by opening day to change a kid's life forever. Please be an instructor!

For kids that can already ski or board

If your child is already a rock star on the slopes, we would love for them to join us as a Junior Ski or Snowboard Instructor. Being a Junior Instructor can lead to huge jumps in self-confidence and be the first step towards a career in the mountains or maybe one in the classroom. Little kids learn well from big kids and the big kids take this seriously. Our race and freestyle programs are amazing and the start to winter competitions. There is also a program for teenagers with our Ski Patrol or some of the older kids become paid lift operators. Sky Tavern is for the whole family. For more information click Programs.

Not available to participate with your child?

You can still let them enjoy the slopes through the
Sky Tavern Bus Program!

Children 9 years of age and older, who do not have a participating adult, can be transported to the resort via bus. For an additional fee, each child will be picked up from one of several pick-up locations, given the same 2 hour lesson, and then has the rest of the day to ski or ride. We round them all back up at 2:30 and they are returned to the pick-up location at approximately 4:00pm.

You buy a ticket for each bus ride a few days in advance.It works so a kid can ride the bus Saturday or Sunday or both. Sky Tavern always tries to keep the bus program affordable and accessible to everyone. Cost will be per ride and yet to be fixed, but will be as low as we can make it.$12 to $15 is likely per ride.

The pick-up locations are to be announced but close to everyone. It is all up to demand and where kids live. Last season was:
Wooster High School
Reed High School

A Typical Day At Sky Tavern
8:00am: Arrive and gets ready to ski!
8:30am: Meet in groups for lessons.
Noon: Lunch Time!
Afternoon: Free-skiing and adult lessons.

For more information see FAQs

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