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The Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program is the oldest and largest volunteer staffed ski school in the country. Since 1948 over 100,000 kids have been part of STJSP. It is a Northern Nevada Tradition! Your neighbor learned to ski here.

On winter weekends parents and other adults are the staff, from instructors to cooks in the kitchen, and kids learn snowsports. All kids take a two-hour morning lesson and have the rest of the day to show off their new skills. Everyone can choose to participate on Saturday, Sunday, or both weekend days. Kids learn to ski and snowboard at a ski area just for them and because everyone joins for the whole winter season, they get pretty good at the sport.

We are a training area, so you will not find tourists here. Family is very important!
Everyone is part of the process of getting kids outside!

*NOTE: There are no drop-offs! All kids require a parent or guardian on the mountain the entire time the child is here. The only exception are "Bus Students". Adults are 18+ years.

Sky Tavern opens in January. Please see the calendar for opening dates.
8 weekends of lessons in the morning, free ski/snowboard in the afternoon. If the weather is not safe or there is not enough snow, that weekend of closure is pushed back into March.

SkyKids Ages 4-5, w/participating parents

SkyKid Membership $189
*SkyKid Parent Membership $165

SkyKids is our program for the youngest adventurers. These children must be accompanied by parents, and at least one parent of participating children must register as a SkyKid parent. It works.

Jr Ski and Snowboard Ages 6-17, w/participating parents

Child of Member membership $189
*Support Member membership $165

Ski and snowboard programs take place once every weekend, on Sat or Sun, depending on your availability. Each day on the slopes include a 2 hour lesson in the morning, followed free-skiing the rest of the day.

Bus Students Ages 9-17 Ride The Bus

Bus Student membership $189

Passes for children, ages 9 and up, wishing to ride the bus to Sky Tavern from an area drop-off locations (Wooster & Reed) for one day of each program weekend, each bus ride is an additional charge and ride vouchers must be purchased on-line.

Adult Ski and Snowboard

Support Member membership $165

Ski and snowboard lessons after lunch in the afternoon are included while the kids free ski with all thier new friends they have met on the mountain.

Member Only Membership non-skiing adult volunteers

*Member Only membership $40

Membership for volunteers and supporters who do not wish to ski need to purchased a Member Only membership. They have the most fun, since all their new best friends are here. They just haven't met them yet.

Race Team

Race Team membership $400

Most Race Programs are in the $2500 range around Tahoe. Ours is based on merit, run by volunteers and better at getting kids on a podium for way less than half that. A huge amount of life lessons can be learned while wearing a speed suit. That said, our group has produced some amazing champions with more on the way.

Freestyle Team

Freestyle Team membership $400

As a member of USSA Far West, kids will learn to do freestyle tricks and be steezy. Team fees include pre-season practice at an outside facility, a t-shirt, and jacket rental. They also cover additional costs like early loads, equipment specifically for the Team, etc. To join the team, the child MUST be level 6 or approved by a coach.

Ski and Snowboard Ages 6+ w/participating parents

Child of Member membership $189
*Support Member membership $165

Starting off small and working up is the key to freestyle terrain. We start them young. Who knows what Sky Tavern kid is next for a Gold Medal.

Adaptive Ski Program Ages 4+

Adaptive Member membership $189
*Support Member membership $165

Specially trained staff offer personalized instruction helping to build a love for the sport. If you child is 4-17 years old, parents or guardian must be here on the mountain. 18+ years should call us to discuss your needs, thank you.

Child/Student Advanced Programs

Programs include, JR Instructors, Ski Patrol, Race Team and Freestyle Team.

Junior Ski and Snowboard Instructor Age 12-17

Jr Ski/Snowboard Instructor membership $165
*Support Member membership $165

This is one of the best programs at Sky Tavern. Kids learn well from kids and the JR Instructors grow so much by having this responsibility.

Become A National Ski Patrol Member

If you would like to join those that proudly wear the cross on the slopes, Sky Tavern has a program for both young adults and those older for membership, and certification. Medical and on the hill training are both involved and the process takes time and commitment, but is very rewarding.

Certified Ski or Snowboard Instructor

A minimum single season process, it involves classroom studies, on snow clinics and teaching students. At the end of the season each candidate is tested for abilities from communication to skiing or riding. Passing puts you is a class of skiers and riders that truly do change the world.


More about USSA competitions and what it can do for your child

U.S. Ski & Snowboard

SkyKids Ages 4-5

w/participating parents

SkyKids is our program for the youngest adventurers. These children must be accompanied by parents, and at least one parent of participating children must register as a SkyKid parent. It works.

By the end of the season SkyKids are skiing from the top. Did we mention that Reno's only skiing Olympic Gold Medal winner, David Wise, got his start as a SkyKid?
Very limited space.

Goal of the Jr Ski Program

To get kids and families outside together, learning, sharing and enjoying a sport for life


Chairlifts are the real social network above 7000 feet.

Sky Tavern Snowboarders

Life lessons get shared in a nine-minute ride to the top by both kids and adults. Results are priceless.

Sky Tavern Kids

The Winter

Sky Tavern The Winter

The ultimate goal of Sky Tavern is to get kids and families outside together, learning, sharing and enjoying a sport for life.

The Summer

Sky Tavern The Summer

In addition to the development of Sky Tavern cycling infrastructure, we are focused on our connector trail to the Tamarack Lake Connector (TLT) from the Sky Tavern base area.

The Lodge

Sky Tavern The Lodge

Located on the Mt. Rose Highway, 30 minutes from Reno is the oldest non-profit ski and snowboard training facility in America. Rich with history and charm, since 1948, the lodge is fully functional and able to provide the most memerable experiences.

The Mission

Sky Tavern is a nonprofit regional center providing exceptional summer & winter outdoor sports training, competitions, recreation & events accessible to all.

The Vision

Sky Tavern is a community asset that promotes a child's growth & success through exposure to outdoor sports and recreation, no matter the personal challenges.

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