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Mountain Bike Trails

Existing trails at Sky Tavern have recently received some love and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Check’m out!

Rick Sutherland Trail

In memorial of "Wrong Way Rick" who was an inspiration to hundreds of riders. Blue/black flow trail with a jump line, berms, and unique rock features by Steve Wentz of Momentum Trail Concepts

Amazing watch

New run! Lower switchbacks are super dry with soft sand.

High Fives Mtn Bike Trail

A flow trail with good berms and jumps built for adaptive riders to enjoy.

Watch - High Fives Trail

Flow trail with berms and jumps. Also built for adaptive riders.

Skyline DH

A raucous old-school downhill ripper, this trail is steep, technical, loose, and rocky. Skyline carries a well-deserved advanced/expert rating.


A first-hand account of the gnar

College Boy

A fun local-built short downhill with good flow and speed, bermed corners, and a bit of chunk. Most of College Boy lies squarely in the intermediate skill range, with sections pushing into the advanced/expert realm.


- check the video

Lower Skyline

After descending the upper-mountain trails, drop into Lower Skyline with its fast flow, high berms, and punchy jumps. If you're digging it, session it via Bum's Gulch road. This segment is sure to put a smile on your face, regardless of your ability.


You'll smile all over this


Challenger Dual Slalom

800 linear feet of match race madness, the Sky Tavern ‘mountain style’ Dual Slalom course is the perfect place to challenge that loose-lipped buddy. Look just east of the entrance to College Boy to find it.


Great footage here, HOOT! :)


Trailforks Map

New Trailforks map coming soon.

Tamarack Lake Trail

The new kid with serious credentials. From the top of Sky Tavern, four miles of beautiful singletrack takes you to the summit of the Mt. Rose Highway.


Great Footage Here :)



For those that never moved on from 90’s fall-line treachery, Buzzsaw is your line. ‘Saw doesn’t do Trailforks, but can be found via signage off of the Skyline DH. Ride it, don’t slide it…if you can.

Pump Track

While you wait for the crew to regroup or get refreshed, thrash some laps on the pump track. Left turns or right, you'll be sure to get wound up after "not" cranking out a few laps. Find it at the base area of Ski Tavern near the south end of the parking lot.

Black Rock

An optional segment that links back to Skyline, Black Rock is a beachcomber-style DG surfer. Use it to avoid some of the more agro sections of upper Skyline, then merge into lower Skyline and let ‘er go.

Funding trails at Sky Tavern has been challenging, but the community has amazing altruism for bike-related goals. With some supplementary fundraising efforts, construction can be put on the fast track, providing that much needed momentum and progress in the shortest time frame possible.

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