Sky Tavern Jr. Ski Program

America's Oldest and Largest Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Ski and Snowboard Program!
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Connor Fogal

There is no way to not be totally impressed by what this young man has accomplished in spite of his physical disabilities. Go look him up. I don't know if his time at Sky Tavern made him or us better. Both I imagine

Sky Tavern since 1948


Sky Tavern Adaptive Ski Program

Sky Tavern offers an adaptive ski school for children with all physical and mental disabilities. Specially trained staff is available to help these kids experience the thrill of winter sports. Participation in a safe environment empowers those who in turn gain confidence for outdoor recreation.There has never been a kid that they could not get out on the snow.

Sky Tavern specially trained staff offer personalized instruction helping to build a love for the sport. There are times when a kid will need one, two or three instructors to get out moving on the snow. Somehow it always happens. This group is amazing.

Sky Tavern owns a large amount of the specialized equipment necessary to get some kids out on the snow. The community has been very generous in help purchase rather costly bi-skis and other ?gizmos?. Gear is no excuse for not learning to ski!

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One of the best sights at Sky Tavern is an empty wheelchair parked next to the snow. Out there somewhere is a kid who never thought they would feel this much freedom.

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