To provide outdoor education, recreation, sports training, and competitions accessible to all.

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Concerts & Activities

Outdoor Concerts and Activities At Sky Tavern

Kids are meant to be outside.

There is always something to do up here at Sky Tavern. Come up and ride your bike, or go for a hike during the summer months. Get out of the heat. It's nice up here!

Periodically we have outdoor events during the summer. Kids are meant to be out side. Come on up.

Questions? Want to have a special event at Sky Tavern? It's really easy to get it done and we're very accommodating.

Sky Tavern Would Love To Host Your Event!

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Sky Tavern
21130 Mt. Rose Hwy
Reno, NV 89511
Phone: (775) 323-5125
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Or drop by to see us on the hill, :)
We are located 20 miles from Reno on Mt Rose Highway (SR-431)

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Office hours vary depending on the help the office has on any given day. We will get back to you.

Enjoy the summer at Sky Tavern

Outdoor Concert At Sky Tavern

While some of these are ticketed venues, many of them are free.


Did you know?

Sky Tavern regularly has outdoor concerts, car shows, motorcycle bike nights during the summer.

Be sure to check the calendar for anything scheduled. Also, join our email list to receive notices about the things going on up here.

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Car Shows At Sky Tavern!

Car Show At Sky Tavern

All cultural and geographical barriers disappear when it comes to cars.