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Your donations installed two new carpet lifts for last winter, which was a part of being selected as the ski area doing the most to grow the sport nationwide. Now Sky Tavern is pleased to announce the next phase of mountain bike trails completed because of your generousity. Click below to donate so Sky Tavern keeps kids moving.

Steve Wentz, world-renown trail builder and owner of Momentum Trail Concepts, built the new entry-level trail at Sky Tavern in late June this year! This build is being funded entirely by donations from members of our community. Big thanks to all of our donors, both large and small! We are starting another fundraising campaign for the completion of our intermediate-level trail and the creation of skills development zones, which will happen later this summer if we can raise the funds necessary to keep Steve and his crew going!!

Join us in supporting a good cause. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Thank you for your support.
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Sky Tavern is 501(c)3 nonprofit Nevada Corporation

There have been a substantial number of positive developments at Sky Tavern over the last 18 months. A few recent bike-related examples include:

  • Sky Tavern Inc., a 501c3 non-profit, has obtained a 30-year lease with a 20-year option to extend from the City of Reno.
  • This lease allows for generational investment in the property for programs of all kinds.
  • A comprehensive trail plan has been created to ensure the best possible trail system, which will provide a fun and safe riding experience for ALL rider levels.
  • Last summer there was a well-received effort to overhaul some of the existing trails such as College Boy, Black Rock, and the Challenger Dual Slalom course.
  • The new Tamarack Trail currently connects to the top of Sky Tavern, providing riders with a convenient upper entry point to our newly refurbished trails.
  • New flow trail loops that are easily reached from the base area were constructed and/or enhanced last summer. These loops are accessible for adaptive riders.
  • Adaptive trail standards are being incorporated wherever possible to accommodate skyrocketing demand from riders who use adaptive rigs.    
  • The goal is to establish Sky Tavern as a Cycling Hub within the emerging Reno-to-Tahoe trail network.

    Winter News

  • Sky Tavern won the National Ski Areas Association's biggest award in 2021, The Conversion Cup, for doing the most of any resort to grow the sport.
  • The Webster and Rocco carpet lifts hauled kids and parents over 70,000 times this past season. There were no more long lines to ride the lifts. Less time waiting equals more time learning.
  • The old Pony Tow Lift is being moved to the terrain park for the 2022 season!
  •  The snowmaking and lights project is in the engineering phase.

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Common Stock

Did you know that by donating appreciated stock you can avoid the capital gains associated with selling the stock and also receive a charitable deduction that may reduce your tax burden. Gifts can be restricted to programs, summer and winter, capital projects, such as snowmaking, and to an endowment fund to keep Sky Tavern strong for generations. Please contact the office regarding any questions. Thank You.

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We are located 20 miles from Reno on Mt Rose Highway (SR-431)

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Sky Tavern Member fees cover only 50% of costs?

Monthly Recurring Donations

If you would like to make a monthy recurring donation, just click the button above and get started. Every dollar counts and its all for the kids.

Donations go to fulfilling the mission statement of recreation accessible to all. Sky Tavern belongs to everyone and takes dollars to keep moving forward.

US Ski & Snowboard

More about USSA competitions and what it can do for your child

U.S. Ski & Snowboard

"Teaching is how I give back to Sky Tavern. I was a SkyKid and I had no idea the teachers were just everyday people volunteering to make skiing accessible to everyone."

The Winter

Sky Tavern The Winter

The ultimate goal of Sky Tavern is to get kids and families outside together, learning, sharing and enjoying a sport for life.

The Summer

Sky Tavern The Summer

In addition to the development of Sky Tavern cycling infrastructure, we are focused on our connector trail to the Tamarack Lake Connector (TLT) from the Sky Tavern base area.

The Lodge

Sky Tavern The Lodge

Located on the Mt. Rose Highway, 30 minutes from Reno is the oldest non-profit ski and snowboard training facility in America. Rich with history and charm, since 1948, the lodge is fully functional and able to provide the most memerable experiences.

The Mission

Sky Tavern is a nonprofit regional center providing exceptional summer & winter outdoor sports training, competitions, recreation & events accessible to all.

The Vision

Sky Tavern is a community asset that promotes a child's growth & success through exposure to outdoor sports and recreation, no matter the personal challenges.

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