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Sky Tavern is 501(c)3 nonprofit Nevada Corporation

Rick Sutherland was an avid mountain biker who passed recently. Donations are to build a new trail in his name.

Mountain biking has gone on at Sky Tavern since the beginning of the sport,but now the nonprofit has plans to expand summer operations, and cycling will play an important role. The goal is to establish Sky Tavern as a trail hub and bike park within the emerging Reno-to-Tahoe trail system. New cycling infrastructure will be used to further develop programs in keeping with our mission statement, and will help to diversify our operations in a sustainable way.


The cycling community is well aware of the mountain's potential, and our new 30-year property lease has spurred some much-needed momentum. The first objective is a two-way multi-use connection to the Tamarack Lake Trail (TLT). The builders of the TLT really nailed it…the trail rips and caters to a wide range of riders. Connecting to the TLT will establish Sky Tavern as a trail hub and will allow riders to use some of our amenities when accessing the trail. The increase in bike traffic will help to make further cycling development at Sky Tavern more feasible.

Establishing a Connection

Building the Sky Tavern connection to the TLT is just the beginning. Several new downhill directional trails, as well as feature zones, will open up new possibilities for programs and events. Trails and features will be geared toward progressive skills development and training.

Funding trails at Sky Tavern has been challenging, but the community has amazing altruism for bike-related goals. With some supplementary fundraising efforts, construction can be put on the fast track, providing that much needed momentum and progress in the shortest time frame possible.

Bottom line?

We know you’ve heard it before, but cycling is important to Sky Tavern and our new 30-year lease has opened doors. Come shred our existing trails and help contribute to the next phases of cycling development at Sky Tavern!

Sky Tavern is 501(c)3 nonprofit Nevada Corporation