Sky Tavern Jr. Ski Program

America's Oldest and Largest Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Ski and Snowboard Program!
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Skiing is not inexpensive

A season of Sky Tavern lessons costs pretty close to what a day will set parents back at a major resort. If that amount still keeps kids off the snow, please contact us about payment plans and scholarships.

Sky Tavern since 1948


Sky Tavern Membership and Program Fees and Prices.

Register for the 2020 season at the lowest prices of the year!

All kids take a two-hour morning lesson and can choose to participate on Saturday, Sunday, or both weekend days.

Sky Tavern Child of a Member $165 (6-18 year old kids joining with an adult. Most of the Kids.)

SkyKids. For kids (ages 4-5) $165 enrolling in SkyKids joining with an adult. Children's programs, starting at age 4, ( Must be 4 by January 1st ) for the eight-weekend program. This group has limited space and ALWAYS sells out! It is the only way to teach little guys. Must have an adult joining as a SkyKid parent. An adult can have more than one SkyKid, but all SkyKids have a SkyKid parent.

Junior Instructors $135

Kids that are upper level skiers and riders that want to teach classes. They go through the same training as aduilt instructors and often are the best teachers on the slope. 12-18 year olds in most cases.

Adults that ski or snowboard $135 - This price is for any adult that is skiing or snowboarding, including SkyKid parents, instructors and support members. Instructors are the backbone of the program, teaching kids and other adults how much fun winter is. We teach you to teach before the season gets going. No tossing you out to kids cold! Support members are those adults that make the area go. Examples of positions are in the parking lot, kitchen, class organizers, lift line checkers and so on. There are jobs for everyone, skiing or not. Each shift is only a couple of hours a day and you can be skiing the rest of the time. Adult lessons happen too!

Bus Student $165 - Passes for children, ages 9 and up, wishing to ride the bus to Sky Tavern from an area drop-off locations for one day of each program weekend, each bus ride is an additional charge and ride vouchers must be purchased on-line.

Member Only Membership $40 non-skiing adult volunteers - Membership for volunteers and supporters who do not wish to ski need to purchased a Member Only membership. They have the most fun, since all their new best friends are here. They just haven't met them yet.

Race Team TBA. contact the office please Most Race Programs are in the $2500 range around Tahoe. Ours is based on merit, run by volunteers and better at getting kids on a podium for way less than half that.

A word about ski gear: This is a sport that does require some gear, like skis or boards, to participate. Our sponsors at Bobo's Ski and Board and Scheels both lease quality equipment for the season at great rates.

We also have a limited supply of equipment that has been donated to help get kids and families on the snow. While certainly not the latest gear, it can help get you started and we rent it out at a very low cost, under $90 for the season. We will try to assist you in any way we can! We want everyone on the snow. (DO buy your own helmet since they are REQUIRED!)


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