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Sky Tavern is a nonprofit regional center providing exceptional summer and winter outdoor sports training, recreation, competitions and events, accessible to all.

Sky Tavern since 1948


Sky Tavern Programs

Child/Student Beginner Programs
All beginner programs take place once every weekend, on Sat or Sun, depending on your availability. Each day on the slopes include a 2 hour lesson in the morning, followed free-skiing the rest of the day.

SkyKids (Ages 4-5, with participating parents)
SkyKids is our program for the youngest adventurers. These children must be accompanied by parents, and at least one parent of participating children must register as a SkyKid parent. Did we mention that Reno's only skiing Olympic Gold Medal winner, David Wise, got his start as a SkyKid?

Sky Tavern Kids Ski or Ride Pass or child of a member
The bulk of kids that join Ski Sky Tavern are children of members. These children must have at least one parent who participates in the program, and volunteers at Sky Tavern 2-3 hours every weekend, for the 8 weeks.

Bus Student (Ages 9+)
Children who participate without their parents will get the same two hour instruction in a class, and will then have the rest of the day to ski or ride. Their ski day ends at approximately 2:30pm, and are returned to the pick-up location by 4pm.

Sky Tavern Adaptive
Sky Tavern also offers an adaptive ski school for children with physical and intellectual disabilities. Specially trained staff is available to help these children experience the thrill of successful participation in winter sports. These kids are an inspiration to everyone on the mountain. There is no child that cannot learn the feeling of freedom that skiing brings. The instructors have the training and the dedication to take on any child. Their motto is that the best sight in the world is an empty wheelchair at the base of the snow, because there is a kid out there somewhere experiencing it all. Snow is the great equalizer. We can do it! Let us give your child a huge win!

Child/Student Advanced Programs
Participation in all Advanced Programs is subject to approval of the Director of Snowsports/Race Team Coach.

Junior Ski and Snowboard Instructor (Age 12-17)
Children must be at least a Level 6 Skier, or Snowboarder. Junior Instructors must attend pre-season Orientation and clinics, have the approval of the Junior Instructor Director and will be fully trained before being allowed to instruct. They start by shadowing other instructors before given a class of their own. This is one of the best programs at Sky Tavern. Kids learn well from kids and the JR Instructors grow so much by having this responsibility. More than a few have gone on the become teachers including the son of the director.

Sky Tavern Race Team
As a member of the Tahoe League Race Series and USSA Far West, kids learn to carve gates. Our group has produced some amazing champions with more on the way. Travel to other resorts will be necessary to compete. The Race Team is available to students on both Saturday and Sunday under the following guidelines:

  • Students must be skiing at a beginning parallel turn minimum
  • Students must be willing to participate in a full day of race training. Most train both Saturday and Sunday. While taking a fair amount of commitment from both kids and parents, racing helps shape the character and skills of amazing young adults. Hiking the hill can be a life lesson as can winning and losing. Sky Tavern's coaching staff is second to none and the general support the team gets is very high. The team starts activities in early fall but it is possible to join any time

For more about USSA competitions and what it can do for your child click here. 

Adult Program
The adult program allows parents to spend time on the slopes with their children. Adults also have the opportunity to take lessons from our Snowsports school each morning or afternoon if they wish. Since Sky Tavern is an all-member run organization, parental involvement is a necessity. Parent Volunteers are asked to work a two to three hour shift weekend on their assigned day, but they need to learn to ski and board too. There are some of the most patient instructors teaching Mom and Dad to keep up with the kids.? Stop panicking!

Parent Instructors are always needed to teach the children. Parent skiers/riders are taught how to teach children to ski and ride by our PSIA/AASI certified training staff.? Not only is this a rewarding opportunity, but our instructors actually improve their own skills very quickly. And Sky Tavern offers classes to attain PSIA/AASI certification right at Sky Tavern. We take education of the instructors seriously but it is so much fun to teach!

Hi Sky Tavern,

This season certainly posed it's challenges with the weather and snow conditions, but the staff and volunteers that run the Junior Ski Program are invaluable!? We have been part of your program for four years now (my son for all four years, and my daughter for the last two years).

I wanted to tell you about a certain incident that occurred yesterday that you should know about. My daughter has been struggling with one skill to get from level 3P to 4 this season. I truly think some of this has to do with the snow conditions, as she was able to do it at the close of the season last year. Of course since she finished last season as a level 4, she started this season as a 3P and stayed that way throughout the season. Yesterday after lessons, both my kids found me in the lodge. My son was happy to announce that he finally made it from level 6P to 7. But I could tell by the look in my daughter's eyes that she didn't pass, again. She's never been too bothered by not getting punched, but this day she ran over to me, buried her face in my shoulder and quietly began to cry. I felt so bad for her. Apparently, so did Doc Reynolds who was standing next to me. He leaned over to her, and asked what she was struggling with. She told him, hockey stop. Then he told her that "we would see what we could do about it." He walked away for a few minutes, then came back to her. He told her to be ready in 40 minutes, and he would take her up and work with her. My kids are part of the Sky Tavern program because neither myself nor my husband ever really learned how to ski. We depend on your trainers to fill that gap for us. After about 1 with Doc, my daughter ran into the lodge with a huge smile on her face. "I did it! I did it!" she said. She was so happy, and ready to go ski some more! If Doc had not taken the time to work with her, I don't think she would want to sign up for the program next year. Now, I know that she will, and we didn't end the season on a low note.

Also, my son had been a 6P all season, and it was Doc who also got him through to 7. His instruction and work with the kids is amazing. Both of my kids will never forget their day with Doc Reynolds yesterday. They both fell in love with him, and were invigorated to ski, in fact, we were at Sky Tavern until the lifts were shut down, my daughter the last off Rocco! I can't put into words how truly grateful I am. My heart broke when my daughter was so upset, and we still managed to leave Sky Tavern on a high note yesterday.

My daughter would like to send a note to Doc. Can I send it to Sky Tavern, and trust that it will get to him? Thank you so much.

Warm regards,

Beth Todd (Member)

James Todd (Member)

Aspen Todd (Child of Member, 7 years old)

Dakota Todd (Child of Member, 9 years old