Sky Tavern Jr. Ski Program

America's Oldest and Largest Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Ski and Snowboard Program!
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Plans for the Future

Sky Tavern’s vision is to serve the Truckee Meadows community for years to come! Our goals include significant capital projects that will improve our winter and summer programming:

  • A snowmaking system, so that we have a guaranteed opening date and have more "hill time" for kids and families.

  • Slope lighting, so that we can provide early evening programming and training, including high school and UNR teams.

  • Replace the last orginal 1967 lift with a modern carpet lift so kids can progress faster.

  • Expanded instructor and training programs, so that we can increase the number of kids and families we serve.

  • More year-round outdoor programs and events, because all the Truckee Meadows needs to enjoy this community asset.

Snowmaking and lighting will entail a range of related capital improvements, including a new shop building, a line extension from NV Energy and a sewer connection. The estimated cost for these improvements is approximately $2.5 million and encompasses fees for specialized consultants and permits. We are hoping to have the first phases of the improvements done in time for the winter season in 2020. The answer to more time on the slopes for kids is found in technology that exists.

Description of Snowmaking Project

In order to provide continued programming to benefit area youth, Sky Tavern needs the ability to make snow. As our climate has changed over the last 20 years, the snowfall has become increasingly erratic; our complete dependence on Mother Nature’s generosity has impacted our operations. In 2019, the snow began falling in mid-January and Sky Tavern received more than 300 inches. This let Sky Tavern do more days than ever before. For 2018, however, we didn’t receive any snow until March, making for a late opening and disappointing kids is not something Sky Tavern does.

With substantial pro bono assistance from engineers, hydrologists and consultants who are Sky supporters, we have developed a cost-effective and environmentally-sensitive solution to meet Sky’s snowmaking needs. We plan to enhance the collection of snowmelt and rain coming off “the hill,” and channelize it into Grass Lake which will be expanded and deepened.

The new Grass Lake will become the on-site reservoir for approximately 15,000,000 gallons of water that will be used to make snow starting in late December. By essentially recirculating the precipitation we receive, turning snowmelt and rain into snow and then recapturing it in the spring and summer, we will conserve more than 80% of our water resources. This self-sufficiency will mitigate impacts to the Galena watershed, will spare public water resources, and will have no adverse effects to the hill.

Sky Tavern Chair Lift