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Sky Tavern Partnership With
Skiing Is Believing!



Summer 2022 activities at Sky Tavern starts now!
The Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program, the oldest and largest volunteer-staffed ski school in the country, since 1948 will continue its mountain summer legacy partnering with Skiing is Believing owned and operated by Meghan Ochs who will be running summer camps and programs at Sky Tavern. "This pairing of strength and vitality between us," said Yale Spina, Sky Tavern Board Chairman, "demonstrates our commitment to bring the very best summer programs to Sky Tavern."


Skiing is Believing, with a spark for variety and a passion for the sport will be running summer camps and programs at Sky Tavern, beloved local non-profit providing opportunities in snow sports in the Reno-Tahoe area since 1948. This is an invigorating collaboration as Sky Tavern's nearly 75 years of experience, know-how, and networks collide with the fresh, unconventional, and intersectional approach to sport provided by SIB. The partnership is an exciting opportunity for children, and adults, to experience the Sierras year-round and train to become more adept at tackling alpine terrain - whether on bike, board, skis or simply on foot.

This partnership is a tremendous opportunity to serve more children in the region. Summer programs are based on Sky Taverns' flagship sports of mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding. Other sport and physical activities will occasionally be added to keep with the Skiing is Believing multi-sport approach. Please see our research page as to why this approach is beneficial.

NOTE: All registrants must turn in and complete all paperwork before the start of their program. Please make note of the age and equipment requirements, if any, for each program. Spots are limited. For more info, email

Leadership & Service: -A life skills development program with the goal of instilling the values of leadership and service in pre-teen and teen youth. Children in this program will be challenged both mentally and physically as they learn to work together, solve problems and create solutions while they listen, learn and engage with one another and their leaders. This program will work in coordination with Project Discovery, Skiing is Believing, and half a dozen other non-profits from Reno to provide service-learning opportunities to help children understand the value of helping one other, giving back, volunteerism, community engagement and taking leadership initiative. Full-Day program. Ages 12-16


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Downhill Devils: -An advanced mountain bike program with certified BICP coaches meant to improve and perfect the downhill skills and techniques of youth riders who are already skilled and confident on their mountain bikes. In order to participate in this program, riders must be able to start from the top of Sky Tavern's mountain and safely ride down an intermediate or advanced trail. Athletes will improve upon existing skills and use drills, and progressions to make increase their skill level across all-terrain on their mountain bikes. Master the basics and learn new tricks to become an even better rider with Downhill Devils! 1/2 day program. Ages 10-18
Athletes must bring their own mountain bikes and helmets. Helmets and pads are required.

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Gravity Girls -A developmental all-girls mountain bike program meant to help young girls fall in love with the sport of mountain biking as well as the alpine environment and terrain. Gravity Girls is intended to introduce biking skills and drills while developing confidence on the bike and beyond in a supportive all-girl environment. Girls will be taught by an all-female, BICP certified staff and learn new progressions and tricks on their bike, that can be taken anywhere on the mountain, and life skills, that can be taken anywhere off the mountain. 1/2 day program. Ages 10-18

Athletes must bring their own mountain bikes and helmets. Helmets and pads are required.


Skate to Ski: -Come skate, and learn how to ski better, with Rollerblade and their Skate to Ski Ambassadors! Skate to Ski is an inline skating program preparing individuals with exercises specifically geared to improve their alpine skiing. This program will help athletes who already train in one sport, or both, to recognize and become proficient in, the movement patterns which have application in both. Proficiency on skates leads to efficient and effective skiing on snow.  Inclination, angulation, upper and lower body separation, and the relationship of the body to the skates are all fundamentals that will be trained. This program is geared toward improving ones skating ability to become a better skier. Drills, skills, and progressions will be taught and practiced which have direct application to snow. This program is for skaters and skiers of all ability levels. 1/2 day program. Ages 8-18

Skates will be provided if needed. Athletes must bring their own helmet, knee, and elbow pads.


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The Summit Camp -An introductory to intermediate mountain biking program intended to hone skills and technique on the bike so you can hit the mountain biking trails full throttle! The program focuses on mountain bike skills and development through a series of drills, progressions, and guided practice while utilizing Sky Tavern's mountain biking infrastructure. This program is intended for boys and girls who wish to take their mountain bike skills to a more intermediate or even advanced level while gaining more confidence under the guise of the BICP certified bike coaches. 1/2 day program. Ages 10-18

Athletes must bring their own mountain bikes and helmets. Helmets and pads are required.



Women on Wheels- Mountain Biking: -An all-women's mountain biking program meant to help women ride the mountain safer, more confidently, and with the correct technique and tactics. In Women on Wheels, women will learn from an all-female BICP certified bike staff, while surrounded by other supportive women who also want to improve their skills on two wheels. Learn the fundamentals, properly, or improve and practice, what you already know on the extensive trail system at Sky Tavern. Women will learn and practice proper body position, bike mechanics, technique & tactics to tear down the mountain confidently like the bad boss that you are!  This clinic is available for women of all skill levels and will be catered to varying abilities if needed. 1/2 day program, 5 week season. Adults 18+



Women on Wheels- Skate to Ski -Learn how to skate confidently, while improving your skiing skills from a female Skate IA certified instructor, RollerBlade and Skate to Ski Ambassador and PSIA Level 3 certified instructor. The skills required for skating are extremely similar and applicable to alpine skiing. Proficiency in one lends to the other. This program is geared toward improving ones skating ability to become a better skier. Drills, skills, and progressions will be taught and practiced which have direct application to snow and the intention of improving alpine skiing fundamentals. Women will learn in a safe, controlled, and supportive learning environment while having fun! 1/2 day program. Adults 18+ Skates will be provided if needed.

Athletes must bring their own helmet, knee, and elbow pads. 



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Yoga -An Alpine yoga class for adults who want to take their practice to the great outdoors. Every class includes a group hike, an hour of yoga, and an apr?s social after. Drinks, appetizers, and light snacks are provided by Skiing is Believing staff while Sky Tavern, and the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains provide the epic scenery for your hour of yoga bliss with a local, professional, and certified yoga instructor. Sunrise and sunset* options are available throughout the summer and fall. Ages 21+

Registrants must bring their own yoga mat. *Exact meeting times and locations on the mountain will be emailed the week of your chosen class date. 





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