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America's Oldest and Largest Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Ski and Snowboard Program!

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Summer At Sky Tavern Mountain Bike Park

Mountain Biking

Since the beginning of the sport, mountain biking has gone on at Sky Tavern, but now the nonprofit has plans to expand summer operations, and cycling will play an important role. The goal is to establish Sky Tavern as a trail hub and bike park within the emerging Reno-to-Tahoe trail system. New cycling infrastructure will be used to further develop programs in keeping with our mission statement and will help to diversify our operations in a sustainable way.

The cycling community is well aware of the mountain’s potential, and our new 30-year property lease has spurred some much-needed momentum. The first objective is a two-way multi-use connection to the Tamarack Lake Trail (TLT). The builders of the TLT really nailed it…the trail rips and caters to a wide range of riders. Connecting to the TLT will establish Sky Tavern as a trail hub and will allow riders to use some of our amenities when accessing the trail. The increase in bike traffic will help to make further cycling development at Sky Tavern more feasible.

Establishing a connection to the TLT is just the beginning. Several new downhill directional trails, as well as feature zones, will open up new possibilities for programs and events. Trails and features will be geared toward progressive skills development and training.

Funding trails at Sky Tavern has been challenging, but the community has amazing altruism for bike-related goals. With some supplementary fundraising efforts, construction can be put on the fast track, providing that much needed momentum and progress in the shortest time frame possible.

Use the link to donate now or contact us directly if you’re looking to go big. Donate Now


Bottom line? We know you’ve heard it before, but cycling is important to Sky Tavern and our new 30-year lease has opened doors. Come shred our existing trails and help contribute to the next phases of cycling development at Sky Tavern!

Existing Trails:

Existing trails at Sky Tavern have recently received some love and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Check’m out!

Skyline DH
A raucous old-school downhill ripper, this trail is steep, technical, loose, and rocky. Skyline carries a well-deserved advanced/expert rating. Check out for the metrics, and peep the video for a first-hand account of the gnar.
For those that never moved on from 90’s fall-line treachery, Buzzsaw is your line. ‘Saw doesn’t do Trailforks, but can be found via signage off of the Skyline DH. Ride it, don’t slide it…if you can.
Black Rock
An optional segment that links back to Skyline, Black Rock is a beachcomber-style DG surfer. Use it to avoid some of the more agro sections of upper Skyline, then merge into lower Skyline and let ‘er go.
College Boy
A fun local-built short downhill with good flow and speed, bermed corners, and a bit of chunk. Most of College Boy lies squarely in the intermediate skill range, with sections pushing into the advanced/expert realm. Find it at check the video.
Lower Skyline
After descending the upper-mountain trails, drop into Lower Skyline with its fast flow, high berms, and punchy jumps. If you’re digging it, session it via Bum’s Gulch road. This segment is sure to put a smile on your face, regardless of your ability.
Pump Track
While you wait for the crew to regroup or get refreshed, thrash some laps on the pump track. Left turns or right, you’ll be sure to get wound up after “not” cranking out a few laps.  Find it at the base area of Ski Tavern near the south end of the parking lot.

Challenger Dual Slalom
800 linear feet of match race madness, the Sky Tavern ‘mountain style’ Dual Slalom course is the perfect place to challenge that loose-lipped buddy. Look just east of the entrance to College Boy to find it. Check the footage here:
Tamarack Lake Trail
The new kid with serious credentials. From the top of Sky Tavern, four miles of beautiful singletrack takes you to the summit of the Mt. Rose Highway.

MTB-Phase One.pdf

Sky Tavern is a blank page and can only be made great through the efforts of those that feel the outdoors is important for everyone but especially kids. Let's build something.

Contact at
775 323 5125


Winter At Sky Tavern

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Sky Tavern Jr Ski Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

How It All Works
For over 70 years the community has made it happen through their efforts. It is a CO-OP staffed by you! All the adults contribute a few hours a weekend as the staff of a ski area for kids. Kids learn to ski and ride, adults have fun too!

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Not available to participate with your child? Kids Ages 9-18 can enjoy the slopes through the Sky Tavern Bus Program! Students, ride the Sky Tavern Bus. Multiple pick up locations Sat & Sun.


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Sky Tavern Ski Area

Located on the Mt. Rose Highway, 30 minutes from Reno is the oldest non-profit ski and snowboard training facility in America, Sky Tavern. Since 1948, tens of thousands of kids have been taught skiing and snowboarding with some going on to greatness as members of the US Ski Team. Tamara McKinney and Reno's first Olympic Gold Medalist, David Wise, both got their skiing starts at Sky Tavern as have many more champions!

Sky Tavern is best known for the Junior Ski Program, a volunteer staffed program, operating winter weekends with the parents helping for a few hours. Some parents are instructors, while others work in support roles such as the cafeteria, lift lines or other positions. Sky Tavern may best be described as a co-op. Parent and other adults giving up time, talent and treasure to run a training ski area for the kids.

Sky Tavern SkyKids

Sky Tavern has a large number of certified ski and snowboard instructors and coaches that oversee all training. Lessons range from first time on the snow to advance all mountain and alpine racing. Instruction starts at age four for kids with parents joining or nine for kids wanting to come up on the bus program and continues through high school ages. And yes, there are even lessons for Mom and Dad!

Fun And A Lifelong Love Of Winter Sports

A weekend only program starting in January, the objective is to provide a safe and fun environment that fosters learning, family fun, trust and a lifelong love of winter sports at as low a price as possible. Lessons are in the morning and kids have the afternoon to show off what they've learned by free skiing. Mom and Dad can take lessons after lunch or try to keep up with the kids on the snow!



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