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To provide outdoor education, recreation, sports training, and competitions accessible to all.
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Sky Tavern Jr Ski Program

"Last Tracks" was Sunday, April 30. The Sky Tavern 2023 season is officially over.

To all of our volunteers, staff, and donors: we cannot thank you enough for your tireless dedication and unwavering support of Sky Tavern. Your generosity has enabled us to provide an unforgettable winter sports experience for countless children and families. Together, we have created a community that embodies the spirit of adventure, learning, and camaraderie. Although the season may be over, the memories and impact you have made will last a lifetime. Thank you!










Sky Tavern Rental Gear

We will be in town to pick up rental gear on May 8-11. 4- 7 pm each day at following locations,
O'Brien Middle School May 8, McQueen High School May 9, Reed High School May 10, Galena High School May 11

If you want to hang on to it a bit longer,READ MORE INFO HERE.

Please don't turn our gear into BOBOS or BOBOS into us. It makes more work for everyone and you might get charged for not returning gear.

Thank you REMSA Health

Washoe County Health District and Washoe County Sheriff's - Hasty Team ! We are so excited for your support and are thrilled to have new equipment that will help to increase safety measures on the mountain!


 REMSA Health, Washoe County Health District and Washoe County Sheriff's - Hasty Team

Snowmaking Update

April 20th, 2023 the first supplies for Snowmaking arrived at Sky Tavern! It's mostly pipe and connectors, but four semi-truck loads of 50,000 lbs each. Two days unloading and stacking and inventoried. Very impressive product!

Sky Tavern Snowmaking Update